Friday, August 20, 2010

Hot Routes

-Brian Cushing's four-game suspension has NOT been overturned. The Texans' linebacker will serve his entire sentence. Great. Do you know how much 'roids it will take for him to make up his stats for those games? Like a bucketful.

-Sweet Tap Dancing Tebow. Kyle Orton was given a one-year extension by the Broncos, which can be worth up to $9 million. So in case you were wondering, Brady Quinn DOES suck that much.

-San Diego met with left tackle Marcus McNeill, to no avail.

-According to Adam Schefter, Percy Harvin is doing okay, or at least better than he was.

-With this run, CJ Spiller manages to make even the saddest Bills fan smile.
-Wes Welker caught two passes last night.
-Owen Daniels is getting an MRI on his knee.

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